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Something strips away the complexities of location in employment, connecting skilled professionals with remote roles that value their expertise.

We’ve worked with hundreds of amazing people

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Dev for all.

We harness the potential of technology to bring together individuals who share common vision, with motivation as the driving force.


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The one stop shop for entrepreneurs

Bpifrance is committed to fueling the growth of the French economy by supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Maki People

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Cut pre-screening time ‍by 70% and hire the best

Maki People simplifies the recruitment process for both candidates and recruiters, streamlining the experience and helping you discover the perfect test that aligns with your needs.


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Reducing electronics environmental footprint

Qweeko offers a method for assessing the environmental footprint of products and services.

Partnering with Something was a game-changer for our project. Their expertise not only accelerated our technical development but also provided invaluable organizational and strategic insights, fueling our growth beyond expectations.

Martin Bonte - CEO & Co-Founder of Qweeko.

Services - We help you find the perfect match.

We strongly believe that a developer's efficiency is directly linked to his interest for the mission at hand. This is why our diverse team ensures a perfect fit for every project.

  • Web development. We specialise in crafting responsive, high quality websites. Our aim is to simplify the process for both your team and your clients, making it intuitive and effortless.
  • Application development. We have a team of skilled developers who are experts in the latest app frameworks, like Angular 1 and Google Web Toolkit.
  • E-commerce. We are at the forefront of modern e-commerce development. Which mainly means adding your logo to the Shopify store template we’ve used for the past six years.
  • Custom content management. At Something we understand the importance of having a robust and customised CMS. That’s why we run all of our client projects out of a single, enormous Joomla instance.

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